Five Reasons to Rock Out at Rocky Horror

Published Oct. 2, 2012. See it here.


If you aren’t already familiar with the ultimate cult classic known as the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Halloween is the perfect time to get acquainted with its glamorous greatness. Every Friday at midnight, the historic Plaza Theater on Ponce de Leon projects this campy, corset-y, 1970s musical and allows Atlanta’s own Lips Down on Dixie cast to do its thang. They’ve been at it for more than a decade, so they pretty much have it down to a science. Or rather, a science fiction/double feature. Although the Plaza faithfully features the film every week, we have five reasons why October is the best time to go.

1. Nothing says “Happy Halloween” quite like a singing, transsexual, mad scientist.

2. The plot is like a sexed up version of a Halloween literary classic, Frankenstein, plus a few aliens, some Cabaret-worthy costumes, and a whole lot of eyeliner.

3. Dressing up is always encouraged so it’s good practice for the Big Day. We recommend wearing any garment covered in glitter.

4. If you’ve never been, the devoted Lips Down on Dixie cast plants performers among the audience to help clue newbies in on when to throw things, when to shout obscenities and when to get up and dance. So don’t be intimated by the long line of fishnet-clad fans at the box office. The LDOD staff is guaranteed to be on their Welcome Wagon Game during Halloween.

5. You get to do the Time Warp. It’s like a less cheesy version of the Monster Mash. If the Plaza were a graveyard, it would definitely be a graveyard smash. It also works much like a séance, briefly allowing Time Warp-ers to contact the immortal spirit of All Hallows’ Eve itself.

So toss those inhibitions aside, slap on the reddest lipstick you can find and get ready to embrace your inner creature of the night at the Plaza. Tickets cost $8 each.


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